Using Little Ink Pot's
"Chalkaholic" Plug In Filter

This plug in filter will give a photograph an "illustrated" look like you would find in a book. It combines the effect of pen and ink and overlays the original photograph giving the colored drawing.

This tutorial was written using Paint Shop Pro PSP-X (but should work with other versions). A free trial version of PSP-XI can be downloaded from the Corel website.

The free Chalkaholic Filter can be obtained from the Little Ink Pot.

When you download the filter, install it in your "My PSP Files" folder (rather than directly to the Program Files Folder). There are two other free filters which can be downloaded at the same time, however, they will not be used in this tutorial. I am using the red car graphic which was supplied with the "Xpose" filter documents.

Open up the red car picture. Leave it open on your workspace. Use "SHIFT-D" to duplicate the picture. Make this picture "active".

Select your filter by going to: EFFECTS > PLUGINS > YOUR PATH NAME > CHALKAHOLIC.

2 images

Apply the "chalkaholic filter" using these settings:


Now you will see your image turn to a black & white "pen & ink" style graphic.

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With this image active, Go to EDIT > COPY. Then EDIT > PASTE this B&W image on top of the red car using "PASTE AS A NEW LAYER". If you look in your layers palette, you will see two layers - the top is the B&W image, the bottom layer is the red car original image.

2 images

At this point, go over to the layers palette (B&W layer "active")and lower the opacity to "48".

You will see that as you lower the opacity, the color starts to come thru, but the "pen & ink" effect is still on top giving an "illustrated" look.

Here is what your final graphic should look like... and note that the original color has changed from red to a shade of burgandy. If you make the opacity lower like down to about 25-30, you will see more of a red shade in color, but you lose pen detail. You have to decide how much color you want in the image. While I have not tried to correct the color, it may be possible to do so with the COLORIZE adjustment within PSP-X.

TERMS OF USE: What you make using this tutorial is your own work with no restrictions. The tutorial cannot be duplicated or emailed. The original photograph used in this tutorial was provided by the filter designer and is assumed be to be compliant with copyright laws. The screen shots have been made by & are copyrighted to the tutorial writer. Any similarities to other tutorials is coincidental.

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